LinkedIn Now Allows You to Show Volunteer Experience

by Jon Nelson

So, apparently this was announced September 7, 2011.  But, I just received a notice about it from LinkedIn today, December 1.  If I’m late to the game, my bad, but I thought this was worth noting.

LinkedIn now lets users “add volunteer positions, causes they care about, and organizations they support” to their profiles, according to this press release. This is great for ALDE members, who give so much of themselves.  It’s a quality way to show your involvement in caring ministries beyond your job, and as LinkedIn notes in the email announcement I received, “4 out of 10 hiring managers consider volunteer experience to be as valuable as paid experience.”  I don’t have data in front of me, but I bet that’s even more so the case at the type of organizations where ALDE members often work.  In fact, doesn’t that basically have to be the case, since ALDE members’ organizations focus so much on service and working for others?


2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Now Allows You to Show Volunteer Experience

  1. My volunteer experience is what qualified me for my job. I volunteered for many years with Boy Scouts and LWML as a fundraiser and grant writer. Now these skills are being used in a paid Director of Development job. I think this is especially important for those of us who chose to stay at home and raise kids for 15 or more years but are active volunteers.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kris. You’re the first one to comment on this new ALDE blog!

    That’s good insight – it really does illustrate the importance of showing (and being able to show) all the types of work you have done, in addition to the fact that you are well rounded.

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