Wisdom Wednesdays: Building Fundraising Success From the Ground Up – Choosing Fundraising Software Part 2

by Mark Gerber

Functionality is one of the critical building blocks of a nonprofit’s Hands Connectingsuccessful fundraising program.  Your fundraising software should fit the way you work — from planning your day to communicating with constituents and processing pledges.

Here’s a valuable list of things to consider when evaluating whether or not your nonprofit software is the right tool to keep your organization headed toward success.  Does the software:

  • Facilitate managing and using volunteer availability, skills and preferences to ensure you support your volunteers and offer them opportunities to share in your organization’s mission
  • Process credit card payments and provide capacity for mobile and online giving
  • Provide enough flexibility to support your mission-specific functions like tracking, analyzing and reporting on programs and services like specific events, support groups and other mission-based activities
  • Allow your organization to stay in touch with stakeholders and have constituent relationship management (CRM) compatibility
  • Record donor history, individual interests and level of involvement with the organization in order to optimize the timing and strategy behind requests
  • Produce reports and meaningful information to share with committees and management while providing a lens for focusing on the big picture
  • Organize information in a useful, quickly accessible format during conversations with constituents and stakeholders
  • Manage pledges, gifts, grants and revenue sources and link to the accounting applications
  • Protect confidential information from unauthorized access while providing the proper level of access to your teams as needed
  • Offer functionality that fits the environment of your workforce?

Gerber-MarkReaching your fundraising goals depends on building and maintaining a strong connection between your organization and your donor base.  In a perfect world, you’d spend all your time doing just that.  But the reality is, you’re being pulled in all directions — making it very difficult to stay on task.

The bottom line is that when you maximize your time and that of your staff and volunteers, you can focus on what matters most: furthering donor relations and supporting your mission.  Choosing the right software can help you do just that.

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Mark Gerber is the regional sales manager at ResultsPlus (RP) nonprofit CRM (Constituent Relationship Management).  ResultsPlus software has been helping more than 3,500 nonprofit organizations and professionals reach their fundraising goals since 1985.  Based in Rochester, Minn., ResultsPlus prides itself on the difference it makes allowing its users to grow alongside their fundraising success by implementing inclusive, functional software.  For more information, visit www.resultsplussoftware.com.


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